How to stay consistent and competitive in the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry has been enjoying a thriving environment where new technologies are constantly being introduced. There has been a technological spur that is transforming whole systems and the indication is companies will need more parts that inculcate new technologies for improved performance. Parts manufacturers, on the other hand, are keen to take advantage of the opportunities out there. One defining factor for the success of part manufactures in these times is implementing the new techniques. In addition to that, they also have to keep compliance in mind. For manufacturers, the question is, how do you stay compliant and competitive? When it comes to compliance, the aerospace industry is full of compliance requirements. First there are requirements from the government then come internal quality standards. With the strict requirements touching on every aspect of manufacturing, part manufacturers will need a strategy.


1. Production should be able to multi-task The efficient use of space is a good way to increase profitability in aerospace parts manufacturing. Manufacturers should be able to use a small lot to produce complex and high-quality parts. Multi-tasking machines will help build components and an assortment of parts, all in a single set up. This means that the parts don’t have to be moved around so much during production. It reduces inconsistencies and increases productivity.

2. Incorporate advanced CNC programming for parts that meet consistency requirements The aerospace industry is one that has always required consistency. Using CNC programming such as MAZATROL Smooth CNCs makes it much easier to manufacture high-quality parts on routine basis. Complex parts such as manifolds and valves are especially sensitive and getting anything wrong is never an option.

3. Create a network of partners The aerospace industry is ever-changing and you need to always be on top of things. One way to ensure you always have access to the latest technology is keeping close ties with industry partners. With access to the newest ways of doing things and demonstrations about machinery, a company can increase their scale of manufacturing and improve quality as well.

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