Six Common Procedures Performed by Dentists

Going to the dentist is something that everyone should set aside time for. Dentists essentially take care of our teeth and mend any damages or treat complications which maintains our oral health. There are several complications that can plague our teeth and without the help of dentists we would essentially be left helpless. We should be more conscious about the health of our gums and teeth as they serve an important function in our well-being. Doing so will make us more aware of any oral problems that can arise and be treated as soon as possible by a dentist.

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dental procedures

Now depending on the oral problems we can experience, dentists can take different approaches in order to really treat the problem and return things to normal in our mouth. As it is important to understand and be more conscious about the health of our mouth, understanding the work done by dentists can also help a lot so you will know the kind of treatment to expect when you suffer a certain oral problem. Today we are going to take a look at six common procedures that are performed by dentists.

1.) Root Canal – This procedure is performed when a tooth has become infected inside and has to be treated as there is a risk to other teeth. In dental root canals the affected part of the tooth, the pulp, is removed and the inside is patched up with filling.

2.) Tooth Filling and Mending – When teeth have sustained certain damages such as cracks and small chips, it can be mended with the use of tooth filling which is placed on the damaged area and shaped to the right form making the tooth look good as new.

3.) Teeth Whitening – A procedure done for cosmetic reasons, the process basically describes itself. Teeth that are have become discolored or stained can undergo the process of teeth whitening to give it a white luster and look even better than before giving the person a very bright, pearly smile.

4.) Tooth Extraction – Sometimes teeth can become quite damaged or infected that an extraction would become a viable option. Basically as the name suggests, the tooth itself is extracted. Usually the extracted tooth would be replaced with an artificial tooth through dental implants and bridges.

5.) Implants and Bridges – Dental implants and bridges are used in the procedure of replacing teeth. A bridge is secured using supports on the adjacent teeth while an implant is attached into the jawbone of the patient and topped off with a dental crown which acts as the new tooth.

6.) Dental Crowns – A dental crown essentially functions like a crown being placed on top of a tooth only that it covers the tooth entirely. A crown is used to cover up a tooth that has been damaged and become quite vulnerable acting as a layer of protection and gives a fresh look to the tooth.

Those are six common procedures done by dentist. If you are experiencing any oral problems, make sure you seek your dentist to take a look at the problem and suggest a course of action.