If you are in the market for custom windows right now then there are a number of things you should and shouldn’t do in order to make sure you get the best custom windows at the best price. Since the end of the year is the most popular time for people to buy new windows, we have constructed this brief guide of dos and don’ts when it comes to shopping for new window coverings. The following guide is intended to be used by window shoppers in the Colorado area, since that is where we have conducted our research. For people seeking custom windows in other areas of the country, we recommend that they use another source of information to guide them on their purchases.

The first thing that we recommend when it comes to buying custom windows is to buy online. People shopping for custom window shouldn’t buy from actual shops because they will end up paying more for the same windows than they would pay online. Windows in stores are actually a way that window companies have of demonstrating their window models to customers who want to see the windows in person, but the actual store location has ceased being a real channel for selling window coverings for almost ten years now. Major online widow sellers like, explain that there are just too many extra costs involved in selling out of a shop location anymore, and that all major windows makers have shifted to online sales by now. Windows are an especially hard item to keep stocked in shops because of their size. Even a large sales space can only allow for a few dozen window models to be on display at once, whereas an online window shop usually has a massive warehouse where they keep their windows, and can have hundreds of different models in stock at once.

Another thing that people should do when investing in replacement windows is to get fiberglass windows to replace traditional glass windows. A recent study conducted this last spring concluded that one out of every five household injuries can be attributed to broken glass, which makes windows the largest single course of injury to homeowners today. Luckily, there are now fiberglass windows which dramatically reduce the risk of being injured by broken glass in the home.  New homes being made right now don’t even use traditional glass because it is considered a safety risk these days, and fiberglass has other advantages besides better safety. Fiberglass windows don’t scratch like traditional glass windows, so they last way longer. Fiber glass windows can be cleaned using a simple rag and glass cleaner, and the transparency of the glass will not be affected, making it possible for people to clean their own windows without risking the glass turning foggy and unsightly. There are few window sellers that still sell traditional glass windows, but people should take care to avoid buying from those dealers. There is no reason not to by fiberglass windows for your next replacement window, and anything else would be a waste of money.