What Not to Do While Using Recreational Marihuana in Colorado

Almost everyone is aware that the use of medical cannabis and recreational marihuana is legal in Colorado. But did you know that smoking or consuming marijuana in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains National Park might get you in trouble with the law?

While the Centennial State is known for being one of the most lenient jurisdictions toward marijuana use in the United States, it still has a few set rules in place that need to be followed to comply with federal laws, or just to practice public safety.

With that being said, these said rules and regulations are simple to follow, and can simply be remembered in a “don’t do list“. No one wants to continue googling recreational cannabis Denver to find out which actions involving recreational marihuana might place them in legal jeopardy. Check out our simple guidelines below and stay out of trouble.


The Don’ts of Using Recreational Marihuana

While simple by design, this list will help you remember the relevant information and might save you from running into unsavory situations.

recreational marihuana

    • Do not use marijuana on federal land. This covers the point about the illegal use of marijuana in the Rocky Mountains National Park. The legalization of marijuana only extends to state law in Colorado and does not cover federal land including national parks.
    • Do not purchase or carry more than 1 ounce of marijuana. Colorado by law requires all of its residents and tourists to adhere to the legalized quantity of marijuana during purchase and possession. While it is almost impossible for a licensed cannabis dispensary to sell more than the legalized amount to you, you should still keep this in mind to avoid troubles.
    • Do not use marijuana in public. It is strictly prohibited to use marijuana in public. This includes but is not limited to roads, parks and, concerts, as well as public hallways.


  • Do not use concentrates made out of flammable substance. Once again, a licensed cannabis boutique will never sell you products made out of harmful substances, but it is prudent to know not to purchase or use marijuana items using flammables such as alcohol.
  • Do not use a fake ID to purchase marijuana. If you are in the line for recreational marihuana, do not ever use a fake ID to purchase it at a cannabis dispensary. Colorado law requires individuals to be at least 21 years of age to start using marijuana. Thus, if you are underage, waiting for a few days, months, or even years is a better choice than trying to dupe the law.


Colorado Provides a Clear Set of Rules for Using Recreational Marihuana

The state of Colorado does not only set itself apart by legalizing marijuana, but it stands apart from its counterparts by providing clear guidelines to those who want to buy or sell marijuana within its jurisdiction.

The clarity provided by state gives users of the herb peace of mind while they consume the product.

A detailed set of rules is provided in the recreational marihuana usage guidelines by the state government of Colorado. You can read through these extensive guidelines to get more information.